We go the Extra Mile, so YOU can go the Extra Mile! 

We just can’t do it alone!
Here at Colorado Sports Massage we believe in TEAM! (Together Everyone Achieves More!)


We don’t have an attitude of ‘We know best!’


Sometimes a sports massage is not enough to overcome an injury or a structural or mental issue.


We have aligned ourselves with many other professional health care and sports specialists so we can help our clients achieve their ‘Maximum Potential’ with the support of a TEAM!


Over the years we have worked with many other practitioners.


We have a directory of sports doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, coaches, psychologists and body mappers who fully understand that on many occasions you need a whole range of assistance to get you through and keep you on track to your sporting goals.


Just knowing there are other professionals available gives our clients the confidence we can help them.

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