We go the Extra Mile, so YOU can go the Extra Mile! 

Colorado Sports Massage has been set up specifically to help athletes from all sports and at all levels. From the Elite Olympic professional to the weekend warrior who wants to keep fit and healthy.


Our team of therapists have the qualifications and experience to help YOU maximize your potential.


Whether you are simply training to stay fit and healthy or attempting an event Colorado Sports Massage can help you to get the most from your body.


Most of our therapists don’t just study sports, they do them!


Here at Colorado Sports Massage we understand the challenges in keeping your fitness at an optimum level!


Send us a message to discuss your needs!




We are convinced that many achievements in sports have come about due to the ability of athletes to balance the physical and mental aspects of their chosen sport and career. Learn more.



We just can’t do it alone! Here at Colorado Sports Massage we believe in TEAM! (Together Everyone Achieves More!)
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News & Events


If you wish to engage our team for your own event, or you would like us to give a presentation or demonstration at a club night, drop us an email.
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